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Contemplating the end

Not of GH. Heavens, I’ve barely started!

I’m referring to the end of my gaming career.

I’m not sure it’s for me anymore. The allure is fading; I can almost watch the gold fleck off with Lasairian’s dying breaths. I think that in the future, I’m going to stay either at home or be out with my family, even if it is only Azrael, as I’m not going to stop Chris if he wants to continue.

Reasons… I’m nearly 30, and although most of the group is that age or older, there’s a part of me that feels that playing D&D or a variant at that point is…silly. Furthermore, I’ve long been uncomfortable with settings with multiple ‘gods’ and the like. There is only one God; we are to put no others before Him. In settings where that isn’t an option, I get itchy. Part of the joy of playing Lasairian was when he found God, it was as though I found Him again, and both character and player had something they both believed in.

I’m going to search for something else to occupy and enrich my time. Gaming has brought me much enjoyment and several friends, and I wouldn’t change any of that. It’s possible that I could get drawn into a game again, but at this point I’m uncertain what would attract me.

Here’s hoping the coming session will be a glorious one.

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