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Well, the weekend of games was quite nice. We successfully did away with the Sovereign, and learned of (to our dismay) a school of thought that the world may have been better off with him and his ilk. What might have been the last session was not.

While I enjoyed myself, I wasn’t truly surprised to find myself dismayed at the idea of both games continuing. Lasairian has regained his ability to speak, but all my heart tells me is that it’s almost time to go.

On Sunday afternoon, Azrael and I went on a walk to Dillon’s. I took along our digital camera and snapped almost a dozen pictures of flowers and flowering trees along the way. Being outside, being with her, taking pictures, lifted my spirits. I’ve always enjoyed (very) amateur photography, and simply aiming my camera brought a smile to my face (and boredom to Azrael, who couldn’t understand why we kept stopping).

I can’t say for certain yet whether I’ll stop permanently or just go on vacation. Wherever God leads is where I’ll go…and it seems to be away from the table for now.

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