Rise of the fallen

Several years ago, when my husband and I lived in Ottawa, an idea for a novel formed.

This was not unusual. I’ve been writing without success since my early teens, never getting much beyond page 3 (although there is one tale I managed to get all the way to page 26).

But this story would not go away. The main character, Adrian, stayed with me, and I with him. My focus on his story became so strong I could hear him. But then something happened. I began to play in the d20 Modern game, and created Lasairian. My focus changed; Adrian slipped away.

Now the tide is coming back. Adrian stirs, now that his usurper has gone away. In the time he’s been gone, he’s changed. He’s a bit younger, calmer, and has a deep faith, where once there was nothing.

Now I have two projects. With effort and hope, I can make both serve God.

Yay! Adrian’s back!

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