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I have a blog!

Egads! I don’t exactly pepper this with updates, do I.

I’ve decided to combine the sections on Mechanical Christianity and sin, as I’ve come to the conclusion that those concepts, behaviors, very real troubles, are intertwined. Sin upsets God, for it separates us from Him. An upset God is a frightening thing, and this fear can callous the soul, further separating us. What’s left is a rote form of faith, a going-through-the-motions faith, trying to avoid goofing up, in the hopes that God won’t be angry and we won’t be in trouble. The mechanical Christian doesn’t feel the depth of God’s love; they only understand being afraid and not wanting to go to Hell.

In short, the mechanical Christian views God as a distant, abusive, controlling parent, who wants things done His way, and if things aren’t done His way, well, there’s hell to pay. There’s no love.

That’s how I was for many years.

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