On Thursday, I began a three day fast.

I made it to Friday afternoon.

The first day passed with minimal hunger, which was treated easily with drinking water and some juice. The second day began with dramatic hunger, a worrisome tightening of the jaw muscles, an increasing headache and finally dizziness. After some thought, I concluded the fast and had an extra delicious lunch.

Why did I attempt this, I imagine you asking? I’m overweight, and wanted to try this as a way of jump-starting weight loss, progressing from fasting to a largely raw diet. Two, I’d read about the spiritual benefits of fasting, and with all the crazy in my life, felt a little withdrawal was in order. My body chose not to follow me down this path.

Not this time, anyway. Chris assures me that there’s no reason I can’t try again later, and indeed if and when I do, I’ll ease from the raw diet to the fast, and then back. That should reasonably be easier.

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