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Good grief, I’ve finally finished another section. This one about my daughter!

Yes, the amazing Azrael gets her very own section in GH. I figured it’s appropriate; she’s so much a blessing that I just have to write about her. And I’ve even put in pictures!

I’m happy to have another section done, almost regardless of what it’s about. I’m currently working on a new introduction which details the Call I got back in May 2007, and will then go into my thoughts about that, the reading I did, meeting with Alan Herndon of St. Paul (a seminary in KC). Next up, perhaps the section on anger, maybe the section on taking time and cherishing. Perhaps in that order.

I’ve even had an idea for cover art — grassland on the front, with a few cotton blooms in the air, and Lasairian on the back, looking away, the breeze gently blowing back his hair, just a hint of one pointed ear visible.

If you’re going to be a Christian gamer geek, you might as well make it official.

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