Rise of the fallen II

I have polled several friends now about Adrian and the shape of the story, and all votes (save one with a qualification) point towards a collection of correspondence and miscellany (newspaper accounts, etc.), rather than dividing the book up into five viewpoints.

The consensus is a relief to me, as this was the direction I was leaning in.

Whenever I start writing will be the beginning date of the story, but that’s the only easy part. I’ve got several characters with (long established) connections and viewpoints, and presenting them this way is going to get complicated. I’ve got to organize and probably write a few pages before page 1! This, alongside finishing Hammered, which is first priority.

It would be nice if I had a project name to go with this. Adrian works, as he has been the primary character of this idea since its inception, but he’s not truly central to this style. I think I may return to the original title, forget oneself,  a phrase I found in the ancient dictionary at The Ottawa Herald years ago.

Alternatively and maybe better, is Slow Fade, as in the Casting Crowns song…

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