Diet clerk, heal thyself!

I am considering a fairly radical (for me) dietary change: becoming a vegetarian. Specifically, becoming a lacto-vegetarian, as I refuse to consign myself to a life without milk, ice cream and cheese. The thought of switching to soy intrigues me, but that is a path I doubt my husband and daughter would follow me on.

I have a few reasons for considering this: 1) it’s healthier, 2) I have issues with killing and eating animals (Genesis 1:28 notwithstanding), 3) doing so no longer agrees with my system, as it were. Not that I’m that skilled at listening to my body, as evidenced by periodic coronary speed jags, deteriorating knee joints, etc. As evidenced by the fit of my clothes and poor neglected Hammered (the work for which this blog is named), if I continue along my current trajectory, I’m going to end up like the guy on the right:


And I don’t want to be that guy.

I spend most of my day explaining diet limitations (to a degree) to patients; I check menus to make sure patients aren’t going to get food contrary to physician orders. I have a husband with Type 1 who thus needs to watch what he eats. I have family history of diabetes, heart disease, and bad joints. I have a wonderful, beautiful daughter. I have the knowledge that my body and life are gifts from God that should be cherished. In short, I have every incentive to take good care of myself, and yet don’t.

Oy. Perhaps I should go back to working on Hammered, as I seem to recall having set aside a section for just this very issue. Now I just need some willpower…

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