Doing chores with a thankful heart

It can be done. You just have to change your perspective.

“I have all these dishes to do!” — I have dishes and a way to wash/sanitize them.

“Too much laundry!” — I am well clothed.

“I have to let my pants out.” — I live where I can (over)indulge in food. Secondary for women: I can wear pants.

“I hate mowing the lawn!” — I have a yard and therefore, space of my own.

“I got to pick up the kids from school, and then go to [somewhere]…” — I have children who have opportunities to learn, and the freedom to move about where I live.

“I can’t, I’ve got too much homework.” — I can educate myself.

“Gotta take those books back to the library…” — I can learn and expand my horizons without cost.

See? Easy.

Colossians 3:15-17.

Praise the Lord.

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