My weekend

I spent Saturday and Sunday at Lawrence Memorial. Not as an employee, mind you, but as a patient.

The short form is this: I threw up a small amount of blood Saturday morning, and went to the ER. I wound up staying until Sunday afternoon in observation on our surgical floor.

This was just the latest and greatest event in several months, during which I’ve had near constant trouble with abdominal pain. I’ve had two blood screenings for ulcers and whatnot (clean); I’ve had a sonogram of my gallbladder (normal). So when I went to the ER, I still had no idea what could be wrong. I just knew I hurt, and badly.

The doctor who came to see me told me her suspicion was that with all the vomiting I’ve been doing lately (on account of the stomach pain and possibly morning sickness), I’d gotten small tears in my stomach and esophagus, and that’s where the blood came from. As for why I felt so rotten, her thinking is that the muscles of my intestines are out of sync. They constrict at different times, hence the pain and discomfort.

So now I’m on a high(er) fiber diet, and Nexium and a calcium supplement.

Now I understand why patients tell me, “I think I’m getting out today.” I understand why so many are asleep at 9, 10, and even close to 11 a.m. Now I understand why patients get irritated when I come in to see them.

Now I understand that I’ve got to take better care of myself.

One thought on “My weekend

  1. Eww and I hope you get to feeling better. What rotten luck for this to happen while your pregnant. LoL. As if being pregnant isn’t hard enough on the body.

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