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I’m starting to make progress again!

I’m re-inspired for GH. Haven’t been working on the section about sin, but rather about cherishing and taking time, which is a better subject for lifting clouds and moods. The section was initially brought on by a short walk in the rain while listening to a particular song, but having two children now is chugging it along! (Slowly. Trying to write about cherishing while doing so is a challenge.)

Writing again has done good for my mood. Some days lately have been darker than others, as I’ve once again been dealing with depression. A little too much stress, a little too little sleep. I have some medication, however, and an excellent circle of supportive friends and family.

I’ve also applied for a new job with the city, in the Planning and Development Services Department. From the ad, it looks like a challenging job with lots to do, good benefits and MUCH better pay, a difference of $5 more an hour! I’m praying that I at least get a chance for an interview, and that this is perhaps where God wants me to be. If not, I’ll keep on keeping on at the hospital, and keep my eyes open for new opportunities.

Life is good.

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