Getting Hammered · Writing

This is all the elf’s fault.

The list of topics for Getting Hammered keeps getting longer.

Free will and God’s foreknowledge. Evil. Grace. Cafeteria Christianity. The fruits of the spirit. (I’ve already come up with a heading for that one: Christians are fruity people.*)

GH was just originally going to be about my wonder of God. Now it’s blossomed into a journal of my walk with Him, with all the questions, observations and stumbling blocks. My walk won’t end until I’m called home, but I’d like to finish at least one edition of GH before then. 🙂 But there’s always more to write, more to think about, more to learn and be amazed by!

(*Should be, that is. I’ll be honest about the state of the world, my struggles and observations of our brethren, but in the chapter title, I’m trying to be uplifting, optimistic!)

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