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When you have goals, it’s important to continue working towards them. And today, I can proudly say that I have been doing just that. I have several goals and projects, so it’s hard to see much progress on any one of them, but progress has been made.

Of course I have Getting Hammered. That’s a long-term goal, and today I wrote several paragraphs in the mechanical Christianity section, which is the crunch of the whole book. I got an e-mail back from my pastor regarding another question I’ve long had about free will vs. foreknowledge, so I can start work on that section at some point.

I’ve advised my department director and my supervisor (two different people) that I am interested in becoming a supervisor, or at least do whatever I can do be of help. I’ve also applied for the Fellowship program this year, and volunteered to be a reporter for the in-house newsletter. I see it as a chance to use my moldering print journalism skills while still being employed.

I’ve gotten the house into pretty good condition, which is important because I’m hosting a party for Jordan tomorrow. A lot of my mother’s side is going to be here. Should be fun.

I’ve applied to be a census taker/enumerator. Douglas County is “competitive” according to the census test supervisor, but I scored 95%, so I hope I’m selected. Earning extra cash is rarely a bad thing.

I’ve also met back with the folks at Metabolic Research Center, as I had/have fallen off the diet wagon. They gave me some good advice and supportive thoughts, and…well, I’m working on it.

Oh, and I’m also designing a campaign setting based on my two, eventually three-part series The Hand (which can be found on its own page on this very blog). Post religious apocalypse, roughly 145 years in the future, built from the ground up. Same two players as the Vampire game. Oh, and the Vampire game is likely to end soon. I figured that once the last big bit dropped, one of them would go tearing off in a particular direction, and he’s about to do just that.

All this, plus raising two wonderful daughters, working full time, taking care of Chris and not going bananas. I’m busy.

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