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Mechanical ball of string

So I’m working on the section about mechanical Christianity, the section that is meant to be one of the pillars of the book, if not the central theme, and I’m starting to realize that the chapter is going to resemble a big ol’ ball of tangled string if I’m not careful.

It started off simply (ha!) being about my perceived differences between mechanical faith and true, living faith. It’s grown to include hypocrisy, the nature of Hell, fearing God, and will eventually include growing closer to God, not being afraid to question and learn, hope, and probably some other topics. It’s tempting to write about sin, but I think that will need its own section.

The going is understandably slow, because there’s a lot of information to process, feelings and perceptions to clarify and put into words, while hoping that I’m not being confusing or straying off into stuff that’s just plain wrong.

Outside of GH, there’s all kinds of stuff going on. Jordan has a cold; Azrael is unwell; things are crazy at work because we’re completely revamping how our office works in less than a month; et cetera.

I’m trying to keep our house in order. I’m reading a great book titled The Family Manager Takes Charge by Kathy Peel. I recommend it. Sadly, I haven’t implemented any of her ideas, because it’s difficult to find time to do so, or at least control my impulse to goof off well enough to actually get those ideas in motion.

I’m sure I’ll get to it, Lord willing. Eventually.


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