Getting things done

One thing about being unemployed, it frees up your schedule.

Once my new morning rounds are done — Get Az her breakfast, feed Jordan her morning bottle and change her diaper, check the classifieds and other sites, apply for whatever new jobs seem possible — my day opens up.

I caught up on all the laundry my first day without work. I cleaned the house the following day. I’m playing a lot more with Az and Jordan, and checked out a few books from the library to read. One of those is about working from home, which I would love to do; the other is about discovering joy through simplicity and generosity.

Today, I’ve got two “apply in person” jobs to see about once Chris wakes up (got home at 4 a.m. or so), and then we’ll be going to the library again. Later, I’m going to work on Getting Hammered on mechanical faith. I would really like to get that section done and move on to another.

I have the time; I may as well make the best of it!

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