Fasting, etc.


On the way home from the post office and our local Wal-Mart (needed business card stock and address labels), I stopped by McDonald’s for dinner for myself and Azrael. Now it’s the morning after, and I feel bloated and icky. Azrael is fine, but I also feel guilty for fobbing fast food off as dinner to her.

So today I am fasting. What I would like to do is try for three days, but I’ll be happy with at least one day to start.

I’d also like to get new tubes for my bike tires so I can go out riding on the path behind our house (not that I could go today; it’s raining), but my present unemployment puts such items in the category of “want”, rather than “need”. Which is another reason I feel guilty about getting McDonald’s for dinner last night.

Today I am going to work on my list of things to do around the house, at least those activities which can be done indoors. There’s plenty.

Clean the bathtubs & showers

Clean the oven

Clean all the sinks & mirrors

Mop the floors


Cut and trim the grass

Prepare lawn-mowing flyer

Jordan’s VeggieTales wallhanging

Two laundry bags – one for work (aprons), one for home (shirts needing stain-treating)

Sweep and spray down garage

Clean area around front door

Try to locate parts for futon

Motorhead pdf for Chris’s RPG character

Research troubleshooting for this laptop

Replacement part & rain cover for grill

Information on terracing for backyard

Make appointment @ Children’s Orchard to sell J’s clothes

Somehow sell stuff in the Rubbermaid container in the utility room

Read “Will Work From Home”, get ideas & implement whatever is reasonable

Rug Doctor for living room

Figure out what goes in safe room & put it there

Get card stock, make Avon business cards

Find missing Full Metal Alchemist DVD so we can sell collection

Research parenting tips on how to stop dawdling

Get Chris’s necklace fixed

I had best get going! 🙂 God bless!

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