Why I am no longer with Kirby.

For one thing, I wasn’t told that the Kirby office I signed up with here in Lawrence, the Great Plains Division, is also known as Team One Promotions. I found out when I checked the website of the Better Business Bureau in Topeka.

Team One Promotions — Third Judicial District Court Public Access records

BBB Review of Team One Promotions in Topeka, KS

Team Promotions assets seized — Topeka Capital-Journal, 07/12/09

Quite simply, after reading all these, I no longer felt comfortable being associated with the company, even as an independent contractor. Monday morning, I returned the Sentria model they allowed me and my then-fellow salespeople take home over the weekend (in order to become comfortable with it by running practice demonstrations for friends and family, and maybe even make a sale), asked for all paperwork I had filled out with personal information (and to Brandon’s credit, he returned it without problem), and left.

Thus ended my involvement with Kirby.

5 thoughts on “Why I am no longer with Kirby.

  1. A Kirby, my dear Donna, is a really expensive vacuum cleaner, sold only door-to-door, via what I now know to be moderately high-pressure sales demonstrations. How expensive, you ask? The Sentria, the newest, sells for $3,197.00 plus tax.

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