Domesticity · Family


I’ve been trying to get better about the housework here. Get the dishes washed the same day they’re used, the laundry caught up so no one runs out of anything, the living room, utility room and bedrooms tidy. With Chris working nights and two girls to keep me hopping during the day, it’s not a very easy job. But I’ve been managing pretty well, and I try not to complain. After all, I have a home and lots of things in it; I am crazy blessed and shouldn’t complain.

But I do like my work (and housework is what I’ve got right now), and I like to be noticed.

Earlier tonight (from my perspective), before he went to work, Chris thanked me for doing a better job keeping up on the housework. Such a simple little statement, and yet it instantly cleared away months of aggravation I’ve held in about doing so much around the house largely by myself. I hadn’t said anything about it recently (that I recall, anyway), because I understand that working nights = being sleepy during the day, and since Chris is the only one working, I haven’t wanted to burden him further with nagging about housework.

And his compliment made that aggravation go away.

So thank you, sweetie. Thank you for noticing. Everyone needs to be noticed once in a while; everyone needs to hear, “Hey, keep up the good work.” It’s good for self esteem, and apparently it’s good for the soul, too.

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