Settling in, branching out

I haven’t updated in…nearly a month! Not much of a blogger, am I.

I’ve started working as a CSR at Vangent. Been at it for almost two weeks, actually. I’m settling in, getting used to working in a call center. It’s not something I’ve ever done before, and it definitely takes some adjustment. Presently, my call times are fairly long, longer than my employer would like, but I’m certain that I can bring them within spec soon. I need to before Jan. 1, certainly, when the new FAFSA application becomes available! Apparently, January through March is the crazy season for federal financial aid.

So far, I have had two ideas come from my new job.

1. I want to go back to college and pursue a degree in social justice, and begin a new and fulfilling career.

2. I might try my hand at writing a fantasy novel.

That second idea actually draws more inspiration from a paragraph in a recent slacktivist post (this one):

By creating a moral universe in which God and the Devil are conspiring together, the authors have given us a book in which it would be the duty of a hero to oppose God. And strangely they have also given us a book in which it would be the duty of any fiend to oppose the Devil. So any bona fide villain would be compelled to go about monkey-wrenching destiny right alongside the heroes. The strange alliance of the diabolical and the divine at the heart of the authors’ world would be paralleled by a similar alliance of heroes and villains against it. The cosmic forces uniting — and therefore abolishing — good and evil would be opposed by the champions of both sides.

I’m very much intrigued by this idea, and I still want to write and maybe publish a work of fiction one day. So I’ve been idly working on this idea, starting with the basic question of where I want to set this story, in this world or a new one?

So far, I’m going with a new world. I can’t imagine God and the devil working together towards a common goal, so this requires me to create a new world, with a different “God” and a different “devil” or an evil deity.

In this new work, I may re-use a current character from my ongoing d20 Modern game, Ny’cy. As one of my players reads my blog, I cannot say at this time how Ny’cy would fit into my literary setting, only that I think he would.

(I am enjoying my weekly game sessions. There are few things I enjoy about gaming more than fashioning a fairly complex plot, watching my players work their way through it, only to have me lob a giant monkey wrench and/or shocking discovery into the works, changing everything they thought they understood.)

After months of unemployment, I am suddenly filled with activity.

And Pepsi Max. I love that stuff.

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