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2010 was…exciting.

January 23, Jordan was born. Seven pounds 13 ounces of happy, very hungry baby. Born with a low blood sugar (thanks to my gestational diabetes and lack of breakfast that morning), she was handed to me along with a tiny bottle of formula. “Try to feed her at least 15 milliliters,” the nurses advised. Jordan drank all 2 ounces at once. She has not noticeably slowed her consumption since. She is far from overweight, though. At almost one year of age she is comparatively trim from being constantly on the go.

June 23, I was fired from Lawrence Memorial Hospital, sending me into the multitudes of the unemployed. I spent the next five months searching for work and enjoying the time at home, spending time with Azrael and Jordan. I, like far too many others, searched high and low for a new job. I had several interviews, nearly all of which seemed promising, only to find out later that I hadn’t made the cut. I went on unemployment, but then when I turned down a job offer with the Kirby branch office here, my eligibility went into jeopardy, and nearly three months went by without assistance. Thankfully, my family pitched in help, and Chris’s paycheck was enough to cover all but one important bill: insurance, which I’d had to apply for privately once I lost my job. In early November, the state decided I had supplied them with good enough reason/s to turn down the Kirby job, and I received my unemployment in one big lump. I merrily gave a chunk of it to our church in gratitude.

In November, my job search ended when I was hired by Vangent as a temporary Federal Student Aid Information Center customer service representative. I once again have a paycheck and company insurance again, as well as the satisfaction in knowing that I am contributing financially to the family again.

On November 28, Azrael turned 5, a big number. Family and friends celebrated with us; gifts were received; balloons were purchased and given to guests. Three of the 10 balloons are still in her room right now, still somewhat filled with helium, though not enough to lift them off the floor.

Now it is Dec. 31, about to become Jan. 1. My resolutions for the new year are few: live below my means, give more, lose weight, stop dawdling, spend more time with friends and family. 2010 was a bit of a rollercoaster, at times with some fairly rough spots. But with God’s help and the love of friends and family, those spots were overcome, and the good times shone all the brighter.

I hope that 2010 was a good year for you all, and that 2011 brings blessings to you.

Go with God in this happy new year.

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