Why I Need To Delete Facebook

This has inspired me, and shamed me as well. I’ve read American Pastoral, but that’s the only one from that sample. However, I’m up to date on nearly half a dozen Cheezburger Network sites, including, the site the above graphic came from, as well as a webcomic, and blogs of people I don’t know.

However, I have resolved to change my habits, starting today, what little is left of it, as it’s currently 11:12 p.m. I am going to spend less time online and at a computer at all when I have a choice. I am going to spend more time reading, and I’m going to find the books suggested in the above graphic, and read them. Or at least do my best.

One thought on “Inspiration/al

  1. While I haven’t read anything nearly as educational as those books on there I have been reading more Zanth books. Does that count?

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