Thinking fictionally

I remembered the other day that I have a NaNoWriMo account. One that, sadly, I have never utilized.

As I thought about it, I started wondering what I could attempt to write this year. I’ve already started Hunger and Getting Hammered, so they’re out. I haven’t started apocalpyse yet, which will be my attempt at writing fantasy, so I could try that, but that would require me to do quite a bit of research and prep between now and November, which requires time I don’t have in large supply. I’d need to come up with characters, line out the plot so that it makes sense (the biggest stumbling block I foresee with apocalypse is figuring out the why).

It could be done, of course. A (very) rough first draft could be written in a month. As I think I’ll be frequently tripped up on logical details during the creation, though, I’m not certain it would be a good choice.

With that in mind, I started looking through the novel genre selection list at NaNoWriMo, and one genre caught my eye.

Erotic fiction.

(My mother and sister read my blog; I can hear them saying, “Oh, Laura,” from clear over here.)

I’m not referring to smut. That’s…no. I can’t write that. I’m talking about trying to write something classy, something literary. I’ve been reading about what makes literary fiction literary, and also about erotic fiction. I’ve read some in the past; some was good, some was…pretty awful, in my opinion. Dirty, rather than erotic. I’m talking about writing something that appeals to the mind, not just lower organs.

This no doubt sounds like the excuse of many would-be erotic writers. Nonetheless, it’s an honest statement.

Hence my latest idea, Red Sand.

The idea came to me in the most unlikely place for such a thought: work. I was inspired by this Windows wallpaper.

Looking at this wallpaper/scene bid words to rise in my mind; a woman, alone in the desert, wandering and reveling in her solitude, feeling the night breeze blow in secret places.

It can be done. I’m going to try. Susan and her journey will be written. Here’s what I have so far as a description for Red Sand on NaNoWriMo:

A woman, Susan, finds herself and enlightenment through the intersection of faith and sexuality, in relationships with her husband, Torrest, and a mysterious gentleman named Eziekiela, who may or may not be real.

I won’t be starting until November, the National Novel Writing Month. If anyone is interested in hearing more about what I’ve thought up, please drop me a line or a comment, and I’ll share.

It should be…interesting.

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