Writing question

I have a writing question: Is it considered chicken to avoid and/or stop writing a story because what happens in it is a) horrible and b) depressing, even if said event is a real-life ill that affects far too many people?

2 thoughts on “Writing question

  1. You don’t owe the world a particular story. If you think there’s a reason why you _need_ to write said story, then not doing so may be “wrong” in some other way, but it’s not cowardly.

  2. I don’t know as though I need to write it, but it has held my attention for a while (it’s Hunger, if you’re curious). My trouble is that as I’m drawing closer to the truth about what happened to my protagonist, Adrian, the less I’m wanting to write it.

    Quite simply, I don’t want anyone, fictional or real, to go through what my imagination has conjured for him. Many people have, though, so I don’t want to feel as though I’m chickening out.

    Adrian is important to me. He’s my oldest surviving literary creation (he’s going on ten years old), and the one most like me I’ve come up with so far. That may be the root of this fear: I don’t want to hurt him/me.

    I may do it anyway, just to show what he’s made of… I’m just uncertain.

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