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With mind aflame

I have trouble focusing on my writing. I’ve mentioned this before.

This does not stop me from having new ideas, however, a fact that is simultaneously comforting and aggravating. Good because I’m glad my creative vibe hasn’t left, that my flock of muses (as a good friend once said) is still present. Bad because now I’ve got more ideas that likely won’t materialize.

I’m still going to try to write something, though. I’ve been trying to start and finish something for a really long time; it’d be a shame to stop now.

I’m trying a new tactic now. I’m gathering collaborators! If anything, maybe having partners will help me focus.

On one hand, I’ve asked Cassandra, my friend, fellow mom and gamer, to work on a fantasy idea with me. That’s how far we’ve gotten. But to be fair, I just had this idea yesterday, and this week is Thanksgiving. If we get anything going, it should be good and crazy. To see what I mean, check out her blog for her Changeling: The Lost campaign.

On the other hand, I’ve also asked my husband Chris to join me in a combination RPG/literary endeavor involving two of our old characters (one of my old characters, anyway; his is current), Lasairian and Kristen. We would run the game, and I would transcribe the events, to be fleshed out later. It would be set in my homebrew setting of The Hand, albeit with a much different background for the villain, Nycy.

There’s only one problem with reusing Lasairian. If I just straight up reuse him from how he was in the game he was created in, he’s kinda broken.

He was created with Wizards of the Coast’s d20 Modern rules, but with Dungeons and Dragons’ Vow of Poverty (from The Book of Exalted Deeds) overlaid. This created a bright, glowy beast. By the time that game ended, he was very close to being an anime character, just without the oddly proportioned facial features.

Thus, I’ve decided to strip him of a lot of his extra abilities, and make him more realistic, at least within the laws of my own setting. In this, I’ve discovered that this should make him easier to relate to, and less…intimidating. This will be covered more in a later post (and likely chapter for the ever-expanding Getting Hammered), but Lasairian should not be, and will not be, frozen in time. He, just as all of us, can grow and change with time.

That’s what living is all about.

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