From out of the (writing) past…

I went looking through my folder of old story ideas, and I found a story I started back in 2001, and last updated in 2006. It’s a strange story, set in modern day, about a mysterious man named Evan who finds himself at the center of a “Brave New World/Manchurian Candidate” plot.

Why am I bringing this up? I realized that by the time I gave the story up, I’d written 35,000+ words. I’m not very far from 50,000, what’s considered novel length by NaNoWriMo. I could probably finish it within a week! The boost of confidence (as in, “Look, I can finish a book!”) might then help me in following other projects through to the end.

I could use that confidence with my other ideas, definitely. Hunger and Red Sand have stalled. I think Hunger is dead in the water after Chris and I discussed Adrian’s fate. I can’t do that to anyone, even in fiction. Just…no. It’s horrible enough that it happens in real life to go around inventing new victims.

So yet again, Adrian is without a home. At the moment, however, a version of him exists in a d20 Modern game Chris and I are running together to pass the time, and in that game, he’s fairly happy. Mutated, a la the X-Men, thanks to experimental drug therapy for a genetic disorder, but happy. He’s even about to be married. Granted, he’s a recovered alcoholic and suffers from chronic depression, but he’s getting treatment for that, and most of his demons are buried.

I could try to write that story, except for one problem. I don’t think I could take it, or myself, seriously writing it, what with the mutation angle. It’s a fun game, certainly; I’m having a lot of fun with it. But writing it, as something I would then show to other people, that I don’t think I could do.

So now I’m stuck. I want to write something where the good guy wins, if anything to combat the movies I regularly watch. I like horror movies, and I’m a genius at choosing films in which after roughly 80 minutes of battling whatever the evil is, the heroes go relax, only to have either an epilogue or some other final shot in which it’s apparent that everyone is still doomed. I’m getting really tired of that.

I suppose I could try my hand at horror… Poor Adrian.

But first, I should try to finally put Evan to rest, and finish his odd little story. I need the boost.

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