I seemed to have missed the entire month of March. It’s been just a tad busy around here lately.

What with planning on moving (yes, we’ve decided again), looking for new jobs, a place to live, writing, getting laid off from my CSR position and then getting a new temporary job as a data entry clerk (at Vangent again, different department), and the usual busy-ness of life… Blogging has not been high on my list of priorities.

I should have more free time now, however, since I have been laid off yet again, for the third and final time by Vangent. The data entry position was with E-Rate, and the project had a hard deadline of April 6. We finished everything we needed to finish a little early, and when Friday came round, we were let go.

So here I am at home, writing and finally updating, about to get started on all sorts of projects around the house. Some of those projects involve the before-mentioned moving, job hunting and finding a new place to live. There’s also thoroughly cleaning this house, finishing some sewing projects, sorting through Azrael’s massive pile of art (mostly pictures she’s drawn), and of course, writing!

Since the last time I posted anything here (excluding the cute Demotivational from yesterday), I have written nearly 8,000+ words on TAOAR, bringing my current total to just shy of 13,000. I have finished the ending, even though that wasn’t my intention — I only meant to write out the attack to a) get it settled what happened, so I’d know what he was recovering from, and b) to get it out of MY head, which is the framing device for the entire novel (Adrian is writing a journal about his history and the assault so that he can work on healing from it). I’m happy with the progress. I hope to get a lot more done soon, and if I can finish even a first draft before we move, I’ll be sending it on to some lovely women at a sexual assault crisis center near here for them to review. The purpose of their review? To see if I’ve written Adrian’s story respectfully towards real victims/survivors, and if reading TAOAR could possibly help someone in a similar situation.

There’s a lot going on here. Heck, Azrael just had her first music program at her school, and Jordan is…Jordan. She’s a very active two-year-old, with three teeth coming in, learning new words (recent favorites are “Yum”, “Bubble” and “Baby!”).

Lots to do. Thus ends this update!


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