Decisions are for OTHER people.

So, looks like I’m averaging a post a month, here. Need to work on this.

But at usual, it’s been very, very busy at our house.

We’re not moving. Yes, we have changed our minds again. Like last time, after hard examination, it doesn’t feel as though this is the right time for us to move to another place. We wouldn’t be moving from a position of strength, and I’ll leave it at that. Furthermore, moving in the throes of severe depression is simply not a good idea, at least not for me. Yes, fresh starts are great, and can be very helpful, but in this case, it would have been very stressful, and not very conducive to healing.

So after a few months of having decided and making plans — we had even started packing, and made arrangements to store our larger belongings — we’ve changed our minds. We’re staying here in lovely Lawrence for at least one more year. After that time, we may finally move. But it won’t be until we can move in a way that won’t screw us up.

We’ve been, and will be doing, a lot of praying about this. For now, however, we’re staying put.

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