I approve.

funny facebook fails - Son, This Is How We Did Things When the Real World Existed

2 thoughts on “I approve.

  1. Waite, I do not think I fully understand you. What I think you mean is not what I think you actually feel about this, but correct me if I am wrong. 🙂

    So do you mean to say that you approve of how disconnected that we have become to our fellow man (or woman)? On the other hand, do you mean to say that you approve of the convenience that our on-line connection has given us? I like the piece of art and agree that many of us have made these substitutions in our lives. However, I also feel that most of them are wrong for us to do to exclusion. We are a social animal after all! 🙂 (There is something big lost when we try to be social on-line.)

  2. What I meant is that I miss the “old” ways, before doing almost everything online became ubiquitous. I want to get connected again with life and the outside, rather than handling everything via computer. My talk of sustainable living lately springs from this.

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