Chickens as learning experience

Today, my in-laws visited. They brought two roosters with them so that I could see all that goes into do-it-yourself preparation, from the “bird is still alive” stage to the “make dinner” stage. This was a thoughtful effort on their part to educate me first-hand about what I’m thinking about getting myself into.

After this experience, I no longer want to deal with chickens, possibly for quite a while. I may consider some vegetarian dishes.

Upon entering the garage, where Chris and his dad had set up, I noticed the smell – the smell of chicken feathers. The roosters were in a small pet carrier set on its end, so that they could be reached easily, without the risk of escape.

When I saw what was to be used to end their lives, I began regretting my interest.

I’ll spare you the rest of the details, readers, but for me, watching the birds go from being alive to being ready to eat was a disturbing, stressful time. While I watched (I could not bring myself to participate), I reconsidered just how much I want to join the sustainable living movement/lifestyle.

I am still interested, and still plan to make changes in how my family and I live to reduce the amount we consume without giving back.

But those changes will likely not involve chickens.

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