Stray thoughts

I’ve been cleaning up my online presence. I have deleted an old blog, deactivated my unused Twitter account, and I am attempting to close my even older Hotmail account. However, clicking “Close Account” gets me a message stating there is a temporary issue with this service, and to try again later. I am trying again later; I started this process yesterday. Fix the process already!


Slowly but surely, this house is getting organized. Today I went through our tablecloths. Two went to the girls – one for Azrael’s activity table; the other now graces the toy box in Jordan’s room – four are being kept in rotation, one may become something else, and the last has me thinking it would make a nice wall hanging in the kitchen, if I can find a big enough frame.


Would anyone be interested in reading a novel involving a young woman’s attempt to change from an urban-dwelling, office-working drone to a more connected, organic, peaceful, meaningful country lifestyle? (I am not claiming city life cannot be meaningful, fyi.)

Yes, it would be somewhat autobiographical, or at least I would hope so.

Describing it that way, however, makes me realize that concept has been done over and over again. I wonder why that is…

One thought on “Stray thoughts

  1. Ironically, one of the most effective ways to get resolution from a big company on an issue like the Hotmail account close problem is… publicly shaming them on Twitter. 🙂

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