New theme, new focus

Yes, it’s still Getting Hammered, the blog, but with a new look. This one should be sticking around for a while.

I chose Vintage Kitchen because its simple theme and focus on food encourages a focus on simpler, more basic things, such as cooking at home, family life, good values — equality, justice, love, and one of my favorites, slacktivist’s Rule No. 1. My opinion is that whatever helps me focus and remember these things is good. As previously stated, I’m not long on willpower. Thus, I need reminders. Plus, the 1950s style appeals to me, since I’m a fan of 1950s fashion. I would wear more dresses and whatnot, if not for a few tiny details: I can’t currently afford the quality pieces I want, and my figure is…not suited (presently) for the style. Apparently, a small waist is needed. (Proof shown here.) I’m sure I have one, somewhere; it’s just very difficult to detect at the moment, what with all the fast food I’ve eaten over the years.

But enough of that. Too much chatting like that, and I’ll turn this blog into Cathy.

At the beginning of this year, while I still worked at Vangent, I decided my “theme” for 2012 would be, “Decrease the waistline, increase the bottom line.” Very simple, right? No, not really. It’s taken generous help from family to get us even partially out of the hole we had dug ourselves, help for which we are extremely grateful. Getting the rest of the way out will be difficult, given our reduced incomes compared to January — I work part-time (20 hours/week); Chris is thankfully getting 39 hours/week, but at a lower hourly rate than in the past. We’re making it, and with God’s help we will continue to make it, but at this point it’s going to require cutbacks, belt-tightening, and more intentional living.

As is my habit, when I’m trying to resolve an issue, I research. The most basic suggestion I’ve found regarding finances is that there are two ways to get out of debt: reduce spending, and/or increase income. While I’m working on the first, I’ve been thinking about the second. How can I do this?

My attempt to return to college this semester at JCCC did not ultimately work, for reasons I’ll not go into here. I do, however, need a new career, or at least additional income. I adore working at a church, and I understand the reasons why I’m part-time. I have my family’s needs to consider, though. To that end, I’ve been looking into other options, and have sent feeler emails to American Family, Farmers, and State Farm, about what being an insurance agent would be like. A Farmers ad I found on indicated they have a 13-week training program, and a base salary of $36,000!

Insurance, after all, is a topic/object about which I’m very concerned. Chris has Type 1 diabetes; we’ve got two daughters; we own two cars, our home, and various other things we’d be rather upset about being destroyed. Given my personal concern for it, and my desire to help others, I think this would be a great field.

In the meantime, however, I will happily continue to work at the church, and use the “extra” time I have (due to working part-time) to improve and/or develop my other domestic habits, such as doing the dishes each night, keeping the laundry under control, and managing the household better in general.

New theme, new focus.

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