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As in, giving myself a kick to get myself started! No sense mulling over my situation for long. Too long, and it becomes Wangst, and no one wants that. Plus, it doesn’t solve the problem.

Thus, I’m looking for a new career. I think I’ve found a good fit, if they’ll give me a call and/or chance — as a service advocate with Farmers Insurance.

From Farmers’ website:

Our Service Advocates work to maximize positive customer experiences by responding to customer’s inquiries or complaints regarding company’s products or services. They will communicate with internal and external customers about basic underwriting guidelines, policies and marketing initiatives to service customer accounts. Additionally, Service Advocates will analyze, clarify, and resolve basic policy and account related questions from internal and external customers.

I can do that!

What stinks is that I’d have to leave St. Paul’s employment, but my hope is that I could continue on there as a volunteer, saving them money while still getting to do my fun job. (It is fun. I get to do the newsletter, all manner of emails, talk to various people…)

Also, Chris and I are working on talking with our pastor about our issues, and we’re talking more (when we’re not playing Diablo II; buying that again has been detrimental to our attention spans) about what’s going on, and what needs to be done around the house.


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