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NaNoWriMo USA: Week One Pep Talk

Welcome to the Wonderful Week One of National Novel Writing Month!

At this point, you all (should) have been writing for a couple of days now, and you are just about to embark on your first full week of Nanowrimo.

How’s it going so far?

Feel free to be honest. Brag if it’s going great, whine if it’s not.

If you find yourself flying above and beyond your daily word count, words are flowing flawlessly, and you’re feeling fabulous, congrats! Go treat yourself to a cookie and keep writing.

For those of you who might feel like your floundering instead of flying, especially after the adrenaline spike from the first couple of days, fear not, my friends.

If you are struggling already, remember the true spirit of Nanowrimo. During November, you are supposed to hang up your internal editor and allow that crazy left-brain persona out to run wild. Don’t concern yourself with typos. Don’t try too hard to craft the perfect sentence. Don’t worry about that plot hole for now, just step around it, and especially don’t worry about grammar or flow or theme or direction or character development.

All you need to focus on right now is writing. You are finally free to write that story inside of you. Free from the fear of judgment or bad writing. It’s probably not going to be pretty this month and that is completely ok. Stop worrying about quality for the next month. Your mission right now is just to tell the story. You can fix it later. Next month. Or next year. Give yourself permission to write an ugly first draft this month (and in the end, it won’t be anywhere as bad as you fear, I promise).

This month, just write. Keep writing. Keep putting one word after another every day (and absolutely NO DELETING. ANYTHING. Rip your backspace key off of your keyboard for the rest of November, if you have to. All words written for your story in November count towards your goal. Use strikethrough or change the font to white if you decide you don’t want to keep a passage).

And as you let yourself go and just write, all of that other stuff will fall into place. Let your inner writer be free. Most importantly, have fun. As long as you are having fun writing it, people will have fun reading it someday.

Hope to see you at write-ins or in the online chatroom this week (visit the forums to find out when and where events are held and how to access the chatroom)! Stay tuned next week for your Week Two pep talk.

In the meantime, please let Christie or me know if you have any questions or troubles! We’re happy to help.

Wishing you all fast fingers and plentiful muses!

Your co-MLs,
Sara and Christie


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