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NaNoWriMo: Week Two Pep Talk, Part 1


Greetings, Lawrence Wrimos! I have a very exciting announcement: this week, we have not one, but TWO guest pep talks lined up for you.

Without further ado, I present to you a Week Two Pep Talk from Ted, previous ML for the Lawrence Region:


Enough with all these words. Let’s see some numbers!
-1 Winner already! (show-off!)
-23 WriMos on pace to finish on or before November 30th
-30 WriMos that are within easy striking distance of getting back on pace (even easier if you come to the write-ins!)
-20 More WriMos that, while a bit off the pace, are still actively posting new and better word counts on the NaNoWriMo website. Keep it up!
-A total of 178 WriMos that have actively participated on, at least once, since November began.
-More than 2.7 MILLION words written by WriMos in the Lawrence region, in less than 9 days.

That’s some impressive stuff! No matter where you are in those numbers listed above, you deserve a pat on the back. Here you go…*pat pat pat*

Feel good? Good.

Because now is when it starts to get hard.

It’s Week Two. And it’s a tough one. The exciting allure of a shiny new story has completely worn off by now, but you haven’t yet reach the Autopilot stage of Week Three, or the Frantic-Oh-My-Gosh-I’ll-Be-So-Embarrassed-If-Don’t-Finish phase of Week Four.

It is a time for stalling, waffling, procrastinating, and quitting.

Don’t do it.

Think about your story again. Just…stop. Drop everything. And Think About It.

Think about your characters, and how much more real they are now than they were a week ago. Think about your settings, how you can walk through them, see them, touch them, sense the true weight and presence of every object in the room. Think about everything that’s happened so far in your story: all of the interesting conversations and relationships and twists and turns and unexpected developments and revelations you’d never expected and…

Did you feel that? That tiny uptick in your heartbeat?

Yup. It’s still there. That’s the spark that lit the writing flame back on Day One. And you’ve still got it. It might be flickering a bit. Hiding under the banked coals. But’s it’s not out. Not even close. All it’ll take is a bit of stoking, a bit of encouragement, and you can be right back in this thing.

Whaddya say? Ready to turn up the heat a bit and get those words moving again? I know I am. I know Summer is. And I know we’re both more than ready to help you do it too.

Let’s make Week Two something special. Where we roll up our sleeves and show everyone that Week One wasn’t some flash-in-the-pan anomaly. That we can keep up this pace, even when it’s hard.

Let’s keep writing.


My HUGE thanks go out to Ted for continuing to cheer on the Lawrence Region from afar. You can find him either on the College Station, TX forums, where he has resumed his ML duties, or you can pop into the Lawrence Region forums and say hello – he is a frequent visitor.

Stay tuned over the next couple of days for another fabulous pep talk from one of our previous Lawrence Region members who, even though she has left us for more exciting states, still considers her Nano home to be Lawrence.

Hope to see you at some write-ins this weekend!

Your ever-faithful co-MLs,
Sara and Christie

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