2012, 2013, and resolutions

At the beginning of this year, I proposed that my only resolution would be: “Decrease the waistline; increase the bottom line.” I would lose weight, and conquer our debt, and paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle.

Now it’s December 21, and that resolution did not exactly work out.

The first part of the resolution didn’t work out because, simply, neither did I. I tried – I tried a one-month trial gym membership for $8.99 in August, and I went to our local rec center a few times, and finally bought a cheap treadmill so I wouldn’t have a cold weather excuse for not at least getting in some jogging every day. I forgot to account for my own laziness, and stubbornness about trying new things, even activities that will assuredly have a positive impact on my life and lifestyle.

As for increasing the bottom line… When I came up with that resolution, I was still working at Vangent, earning $12.95/hour in their FSAIC call center, working around 32 hours a week. I was doing fairly well, and Chris was enjoying his job at KU.

Then I got laid off in March. Then we decided (again) to move to Salina, and in the process Chris told his boss we were moving, and his last day wound up being May 28 – except by that time we’d changed our minds. It was too late for him to be worked back into the schedule, so we were both unemployed.

I started working at St. Paul UCC in Eudora in August, a wonderful place. Chris started working at Dillon’s just a few weeks later. He’s full-time; I’m part-time. Together, we can barely cover our bills, and we don’t have health insurance yet (he’s eligible March 1).

In that time, we’ve eaten our savings, and turned to our parents for help. Thankfully, our parents and grandparents were willing to help, and we paid off two outstanding debts, and put the rest of their assistance into savings. Which we’ve eaten again.

My laziness/job and bill troubles: 1, Resolution: 0

Amazingly, I am not discouraged. I say amazingly because I’ve been incredibly discouraged several times this year, sometimes to the point of contemplating suicide (as I have mentioned before, I have Major Recurrent Depression).

Instead, I have been thinking about the coming year of 2013, and what I might do to make things better. One thought I’ve had is to try again to go back to school. JCCC has a bank teller certification program that lasts for about eight weeks, and begins in January. That could put me on track for a new career.

As for my figure, I can see the treadmill from my computer. Seeing as how Chris gets up really early to go to work, and the girls are both fairly deep sleepers, I could try to make it a habit to get up early (say 6 a.m.) and try to get in some morning exercise.

With faith, effort, and perhaps a little luck, perhaps 2013 will be a better year, resolution-wise.

What resolutions have you thought up?

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