Virtual and actual housekeeping

I’ve been doing some cleanup work around here, both in my home and on this blog.

Online, all I did was remove the link to my Blurb books, as well as the page. Didn’t seem to be any takers or interest, so out went the virtual clutter. I also moved up my tip jar, as a not very subtle way to encourage donations, as I’m still unemployed as of this writing.

One bit of household cleanup I did today was very satisfying: I paid off my credit card in one blow! Thank you, federal tax return! We are holding onto the rest for minor needs (such as winter boots for both me and Chris), and for living expenses while I continue to hunt for my next job.

I’m afraid that I don’t have much else to report at the moment, but more news as events warrant, etc.

Also, snow bandwagon!*

*I don’t know if there is a snow bandwagon about, but after the amount of snowfall we here in Kansas had earlier this week, I’m guessing that there is. These pictures are therefore my contribution.

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