Spring de-cluttering

So I’ve been cleaning. Cleaning, donating, de-cluttering, trying to restore (or bring about) order to our home.

So far, I’m very pleased with the results. The kitchen and coat closet are under control, and the living room is airier and brighter, thanks to moving the rocking chair back to our reading/utility room, and hanging gauzy white curtains bought on the cheap. During the day, it’s almost serene with the overhead light off, allowing the sunlight in. I say almost serene because Jordan enjoys playing in there, and she tends to chaos things up a bit.

My next hope is to move the television out of the front room altogether, and put it in our reading/utility room, which would then become the reading/utility/game room. I also want to move my computer (a laptop) out of here and make part of my closet a small home office. I think that would have the added benefit of “out of sight, out of mind”, and I’d spend less time on this machine. I wrote two letters yesterday, rather than email, as a baby step towards more old-fashioned communication.

I’m glad that my family is supporting me in this endeavor, otherwise I’d have an uphill battle. I’ve felt like I needed to explain my reasonings more than once, but now Chris (a bit of a packrat, and the son of packrats), and Azrael are getting into the swing of things. Az, on her own volition, went through her room and found two big baskets of toys and whatnot she no longer wanted or needed, and donated those. Then she organized her sock drawer!


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