I live once more!

I seem to have missed all of April and May.

Nonetheless, I am still alive and well. Since my last post, I have lost another job thanks to a misunderstanding, and become certified to sell new cars. These two things are related; I shall say no more about them.

I have decided to return to school, again, and this time I feel I shall be able to successfully complete whatever I set my mind to do. At present, however, I’m not certain what I want to do. I’m looking into career assessment assistance from JCCC to narrow my choices.

In the meantime, I’m again searching for work – presently I have my hopes set upon either Dillon’s, or the Kansas Turnpike Authority. Dillon’s would make a very good career place; the Turnpike pays better, but is part-time, which would still work out well for childcare .

Work on Getting Hammered has slowed to a nearly imperceptible pace, as my thoughts have largely been caught up in working on my fiction. The fact that my fiction writing has had multiple problems, to the point where I’m ready to pitch Luci out and try out something new again, has given me a net result of no writing done for some time now. Very frustrating.

More news as events warrant, etc. Kindly keep your fingers crossed for me, dear readers, that I may find good work again soon. My prayers and thoughts are with you as well.

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