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As I was driving home from work this morning, I realized that in just five years, I’m going to be forty.

Forty. 40.

Now some of you, such as my mom, are thinking, “Oh, so what? You young’un! I’m [insert relevant age here] and you don’t hear me complaining!”

That’s true. I don’t. And I’m not complaining either; I don’t have any emotional issues with turning 40 (despite what the greeting card industry tries to induce). The “Egad!” part of this realization this morning was How did I become 35 without fully growing up?

I am adult in several ways. I read the nutrition labels on food packages before I buy them, not while I’m eating said product. I’m trying (again) to quit drinking soda, and in general reduce my consumption in order to live healthier. I have two lovely daughters; I own my own home; I pay bills; I have a job.

I do not have a career. I have no 401(k). I did once, about ten years ago, from my first job. When I attempted to roll it over, I discovered I had left the company before everything had vested, and the printed value was not the actual value…and the difference was around $9,000 less than what I thought I had. I cashed it to pay various bills, and have not been with a company that offers a retirement long enough to become involved.

I do have bills, though. Mortgage, utilities, car payment, food, gas, credit card A, credit card B, etc. It seems like there’s almost always too much month at the end of the money, and that Chris and I are never going to get ahead, let alone provide well for Azrael and Jordan, and ourselves in our later years.

I dress like a college student, despite having graduated thirteen years ago. I have not bothered to really develop a sense of my own personal style. I don’t wear makeup, and don’t know how. (I’m not too worried about ever learning, either.)

I was better informed about what’s going on in the world when I was in college, working for a paper and reading better books. These days I read and re-read silly stuff from my own collection, and novels and self-improvement books from the library. Despite being a (former) journalist, I don’t read our local paper, watch the news, or listen to news radio.

But as perfection is unattainable, there is therefore always room for improvement, and that leads me to the point/announcement of this rambling post: I have created a five-year plan for myself, FFF – Fit and Fabulous by Forty!

At present, I’m not done figuring out the details of what exactly I’m hoping to accomplish with this plan, but I’ve definitely got the broad outline down. It’s a self-improvement program, duh! I mean to lose weight, become better informed…finish growing up.

More details as events warrant!

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