My writing

…and why it isn’t going anywhere.

I realize that I am, in a manner of speaking, a disturbed person. After all, I do struggle with depression, which is a disturbance to my mental health and well-being. Furthermore, I am a long time fan of horror fiction and movies. If someone involved with the story is busy screaming, running away from the villain/monster/what have you, I’m interested.

However, I can’t seem to write horror, but since that is my interest, this presents a problem.

One question I ask myself when starting a new story is: “Would I read this?” If the answer is no, that I wouldn’t read it because I wouldn’t get any enjoyment from it, then I don’t write it, because logically it follows that I wouldn’t enjoy writing it either. And if I don’t enjoy writing something, then exactly why am I writing it again?

One option would be to read other genres and attempt to develop interest in them, and so broaden my horizons and my writing options. I’ve tried. Perhaps my tastes are stunted from long exposure to cat scares, but I have difficulties with most other genres.

Another issue I have is that I keep coming up with characters who have so many issues, or are otherwise unlikable, that I don’t like dealing with them in the first place. I just want to smack them.

No, this post doesn’t really have a point. I am merely complaining in public, something blog writers are prone to do. Carry on.

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