7, maybe 8000

That’s how well I did this year on my NaNoWriMo this year. I’m not certain of the number because I’m writing it longhand. I just can’t get the flow right on the computer. Furthermore, after a day of working data entry, I really don’t want to sit at a computer and type even more.

Am I knocking my new job? Heaven forbid. I love what I do, and who I work for/with. My lack of enthusiasm for typing after hours is simply a side effect of my work habits.

I’m very happy with how (currently titled) Exorcism is coming along. I have two protagonists and two villains, one primary and one secondary each. Sarah is my primary protagonist (I hesitate to call her my heroine, although she eventually fulfills that role). However, it seems my two villains, Frank and John, are going to switch places at some point in the story. Mischa*, my secondary protagonist, does not fare well in dealings with either Frank or John, so his opinion as to who is primary/secondary (worse)  is a bit skewed.

In writing so far, I’ve noticed my scenes with Frank, Mischa and John are rougher than what I usually encounter in the fiction I read, and it’s occurred to me that this is another sign that I have ingested too much horror/squick/violence. I may have to go back and subdue my descriptions of what’s happening, leave more to the imagination. It frightens me to think that my literary appetites are such as that. I’ve asked myself: “Does this scene, does this action, this torment, serve a purpose in the story?” So far my answer is: “Yes, it shows that Frank and John are very bad guys, what Mischa is suffering, and shows how he endures such treatment.” I’m honestly not trying to go for shock value/titillation.

Sarah, while arguably worse a person than Mischa — it’s her fault he winds up in Frank’s far from loving care — does not suffer physically for her perceived transgressions; hers are in her mind. I just read yesterday the trope Men Act, Women Are, and I’m trying to subvert this trope, although I see how easily it is to fall into it. (It must be easy, otherwise it wouldn’t occur often enough to be a trope.) I want Sarah to be the primary mover of the story, and I think ultimately she will be, but a lot of her story does involve her feelings and thoughts about her past, present and future. That’s all in her mind!

Although, judging from how things are going so far, her mind is a brighter place than mine. Poor Mischa . . .

*Yes, as in Mischa Dmirovich, for those of you who recognize that name.


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