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Well, hi!

I seem to have taken a four month hiatus here. Oops!

Granted, the first four months of this year have been somewhat hectic. In January, I discovered we’re going to have a third child, which was not planned at all, so Plum’s presence was a surprise! I’m not complaining, but I was certainly startled. I had very different plans for this year — really work hard on getting the pounds off, purge the house of excess belongings, etc. — but I think the saying is that God laughs at the plans of men (and women). He definitely had other plans in mind for 2014.

Since the strict, protein-based diet I was aiming for is off the books until after, oh, September, I’ve been working on cleaning the house, and trying to adapt the present four of us to a life of simplicity. I may have chosen a bad time, since for every few things that leave the house, more come in — playpen, onesies, a stuffed monkey. Makes sense, though, as Plum can’t very well go around without baby basics.

We’ve also been looking around at neighboring communities, as well as Lawrence, for a larger, hopefully less expensive place to live. Currently, we’re interested in a house in nearby Gardner — a nice four bedroom with a big backyard that needs an indeterminate amount of work done to it (all the houses in our budget need varying amounts of work. That’s why their prices tags are in our budget. It’s the repairs that aren’t.). I’m hoping that this house would be doable, however. Gardner is a nice town, and all reports say that its schools are excellent. It would be a further commute for Chris, but my commute to work would shrink to about 10 minutes (instead of 35).

I shall try to post more often, to keep the two or three of you who read this entertained/informed.

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