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Random update

Azrael and Jordan are coming home today, after spending a week with my mom and dad, going to Vacation Bible School, and hopefully not raising too much ruckus. I’m looking forward to them being home. It’s been a very quiet week without them. Quiet is golden, but I miss their presence, their silliness and joy at little things such as reading bedtime stories and running around the backyard.

We’ve been busy this week, taking advantage of their absence to get a big project started: We ripped out our living room carpet! It was seven years old, but looked older, and we were tired of it. It’s gone now, after much hard work by Chris, and has been temporarily replaced with a big black and white area rug. We’re waiting on a quote requested from a local flooring place on how much it might cost to put down vinyl. This is all part of my master plan (insert evil laugh here) to get the main floor redone — fresh paint, new flooring, etc. It’s going to take a while, but I’m sure that when it’s done, it’ll look great!

Is this stopping me from looking around at other places to live? Of course not. It’s still my hope to reduce family expenses so that we’ll be better able to provide for our wee brood. I’ve added a new wrinkle to what I’m doing, too — looking for a better paying job for Chris, so that I can perhaps take a few years off to be a full-time mom (which would also help save money on childcare). I love my job at ETC, but I would really like to be a stay-at-home parent who doesn’t have to worry about bills, like I did when I was at home due to unemployment. I’m enough of a realist to know that I won’t be able to take off permanently; I would need to return to the workforce once all three are in school (I love Boys and Girls Club).

For the immediate future, however, I think once the girls are home, we should go out for ice cream to celebrate all of us being together again.

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