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My independence (FFF)

Today, I declare my independence from my years of bad eating habits.

Yesterday, I figured out my daily calorie needs. Then I found out how many calories are contained in my usual weekday breakfast from McDonald’s. I almost had to lie down, the number was so high.

No wonder I’m fat! I thought. And I’m paying them good money for this awful-for-my-health food! Money that could and should be better spent on healthier food, and goods for the family!

No more!

After work yesterday, I went to the grocery store and picked up an 8-pack of store brand meal replacement shakes, some low calorie snack bars (and a new shower pouf). I know myself well enough to know that I’m not at the point where I can accurately judge intake without help, so these are to help me get off to a good start. And I’m not hungry! 320 calories vs. a depressingly high number!

I drove past McDonald’s and Sonic, and mentally patted myself on the back for finally getting started on the right path. After all, I’ve got two girls, a third on the way, a wonderful husband, and many others to live for! Tonight, if it isn’t terribly hot (I’m heat sensitive, a family trait), I’m going to go on a walk. Third trimester issues means I can’t go all that fast, but as an inspirational image I found stated: “You may be going slow now, but you’re going faster than everyone on the couch.”

Declare your independence from a bad habit today!

One thought on “My independence (FFF)

  1. is a life saver. It helps me keep track of what I eat when I eat it. Also you can log exercise. You can manually enter in stuff on the site or if you have the app, you can scan bar codes, it’s awesome. Also has some awesome recipes that we love. You can save recipes and use them to make food lists from them on the site. One must have for us was a food scale. We started out eyeballing stuff but we bought a food scale and we found that 9 times out of 10 we were way off.

    Jeff and I started watching what we ate and exercising more. We found that we spent the same amount of money of food even though healthy food (fresh veggies, fruit and protein) are more expensive, it took less to fill us up. The boys on the other hand still eat us out of house and home but even they converted easily to zucchini and the like.

    I wish you much success in your new journey! I know I was excited when I started mine.

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