Edits and changes

I’ve made a change to the header: I removed the word gaming, and replaced it with life.

The reason is simple: I’m not much of a gamer anymore. Chris and I still have a personal game we run for ourselves (very sporadically), but we’re no longer in a group, and I don’t have the interest to be in one again. Frankly, the slight bit of increased schedule freedom not being in a group gives is too much fun to give up. I like having my weekend afternoons largely unplanned, and not having to worry about cleaning the house, only to have to clean it again after everyone leaves. I clean enough as it is; I’ve got two young daughters, after all. “How did this crayon get there?”

Furthermore, I’ve realized I haven’t written anything about gaming for quite a while, and therefore having the word ‘gaming’ in the header seemed misleading.

Part of this drawing away, I believe, stems from getting older – I’m 36 – and having other, more important matters to consume my time, and also wanting to make my life have more meaning than whether or not a character of my creation got a critical hit against some Big Bad. My daughters are developing into lovely young ladies with very distinct personalities (Azrael seems to be more empathic; Jordan thinks that obstacles, including bedtime, are for other people), and I want and need to focus more on them. I’ve cut back on computer games, and Azrael commented recently that she’s happy I’m spending more time with them now. I feel guilty she’s had to make that statement, but happy that I’m making a good change at the same time.

I’d also like to volunteer, and start exercising. I’ve mentioned our family walks; I’m going to add bike riding to the mix. To those ends, I’ve added VolunteerKansas.org to my list of links so I (and others so interested) can look up opportunities, and Ride Lawrence.

So that’s why I changed the header – to reflect reality, and my aspirations.

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