I did it!

I did it! And I’m not talking about changing my theme (again). I did the Red Dog Run!

Technically, I did the one mile fun run/walk. Sort of. I wound up taking Azrael, Jordan and Danica with me, having misunderstood when Chris had to be at work Saturday morning, and we wound up arriving at Haskell University five minutes late. Upon realizing we had no idea where the registration area was, we just walked around the course, enjoying the cool air and each other’s company. Well, three of us did, anyway. Danica snuggled up against me, covered in her blanket, bedecked in a handmade knit cap. She slept the entire time.

We had a blast! And I felt really good about myself! I am proud that I got out of bed, got dressed, and got us down there to participate. Sure, it was a little chilly, but the sunrise was wonderful, and we were exercising together, not just laying about.

I want to do other events now! Who’s with me?

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