A year for refinement

Yes, the first month of the year is done, so it won’t be a full year project, but let’s not quibble.

Now is the time for me to embark upon a large-scale self-improvement project. I normally don’t like the term ‘self improvement’ because it reminds me of self-help books, but it’s correct for what I intend.

If I were brutal with myself, I would describe myself as a semi-organized, prickly, uncultured, unstylish blob. I know where most things in my house are, but we often scramble to get things done/scheduled around here. I choose to be polite, but that’s just it — it’s a choice, not a natural state. I do not feed my mind in a healthy way. I have no fashion sense; in my opinion, I still dress like I’m in college, despite nearly being 37 years old. As for my physical state, I have curves, but they all go out.

Therefore, I will use the rest of this year to refine myself. I say refine because I do not want to change who I am at the core, but to present myself better to the world, and to improve what God has given me. The remaining 11 months will each have a focus. They are:

February: Discipline

March: GIGO

April: Manners

May: Kindness

June: Patience

July: Exploring

August: Learning

September: Peace

October: Elegance

November: Creativity

December: Charity

February is discipline because without discipline, none of this will work. Areas I think I need to improve my discipline are in my diet, exercise, getting up in the morning (I tend to snooze), and frankly my work ethic. Keying surveys is very repetitive work, and it’s easy to get bored and daydream. I need to remember to work for God first. With Him as my supervisor, that should hopefully improve my productivity! 🙂

I will keep everyone posted! Wish me luck!

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