First report on discipline

Well, the first full week of February is over. I hit snooze just this morning, and many sodas and sweets have passed my lips.

Not doing so hot so far. However, the five of us went on a wonderful walk to the park yesterday (unseasonably warm weather is worrisome re: climate change, but it’s great for exercise and family time), so that’s in the plus column.

This week, beginning this morning, I am doing another liquid fast. I’ve chosen a high protein drink, because when you ingest more protein than carbs, your body breaks down fat to help digest the protein. (I have this information by way of dieting professionals.)

As for getting up when my alarm, which I set myself, goes off, I’m going to also work on going to bed at a good time. Part of my reluctance to get to sleep, I’ve realized, is that by the time the girls go to bed, it’s been fairly late (in my opinion), as in 9 p.m. Last night, I set a 7:30 "Get ready for bed" alarm on my phone, which goes off even when they’re doing one of their new favorite activities, which is playing Angry Birds on my phone. They were all in bed by 8:20! No arguing! I was ecstatic. Chris and I had a full 1 1/2 hours to ourselves! It was great. (We spent the time playing Diablo III together, because we’re silly like that.)

So yay, progress!

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