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Go go Gadget update!

Seems to have been a while since I’ve properly updated. Here’s the big news:

Go go Gadget insurance license! Laura Wolf 1

Yes, I am now a licensed property and casualty sales associate with Farm Bureau Financial Services. I’m enjoying my job very much, especially the fact that it’s here in Lawrence, meaning no more 45 minute commute! I’m happy that it’s a good career path, and that I work with good people. Azrael, Jordan and (more than likely; it’s hard to tell with babies) Danica are happy that I’m happier and closer to home.

Also, we’ve discovered Inspector Gadget 2.0 on Netflix, and I’m loving it. I adored Gadget when I was a kid, and this new/updated version of him is just as good as I remember the original. Azrael and Jordan like the show, too, so we’re all happy we have a cartoon we can enjoy together, since we haven’t been able to find something we fully agree on before now. The new theme song randomly plays in my head throughout the day, but I actually don’t mind.

And finally, my writing has hit another roadblock, but I think it’s because I’m getting really tired of the story and most everyone in it. I want something I can show my kids. Exorcism…isn’t such a story.

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