Exorcism: Fixed?!!

I may have found a way to save Exorcism after all, and spare Mischa (the majority of) the pain and suffering within.

I scrapped nearly all of it.

You know you’ve made a good decision when you decide to stop a project, and one of your two main characters praises you, while the other evaporates like oily smoke. I simply did not have a good handle on Luci, and after two years of working on her, I realized I wasn’t going to develop this handle, nor did I want to, since I had long decided I didn’t like her.

Not liking one of the primary POV characters is a bit of a problem.

Thus, I’ve thrown out the original plot (Mischa: “Hurray!”), and come up with a new one. So far, only two characters from the first version are present – Mischa and Frank, his former ‘employer’. I’m hoping that with this new idea, which still deals with forgiveness, coming to terms with the past, and hope for the future, will allow me to still deal with Mischa’s unusual backstory, but in a gentler way.

My plan/hope is to complete Exorcism’s first draft in one go during July, using it as my project for Camp NaNoWriMo! To help the Office of Letters and Light (and to keep myself accountable), I am asking for donations, which you can give by clicking the Camp NaNoWriMo button at the top of my sidebar.

Best of all, Azrael is going to participate with me! She’s too young to ‘camp’, so to speak, but she can be a Young Writer. Who knows what my eldest nut daughter will come up with.

We’ll keep you posted!

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